1. Can I register with Eder?
2. How can I register to drive with Eder?
3. Do I need any special training to work for Eder?
4. What version of Android and iOS do I need to drive with Eder?
5. How do I check the status of my registration application?
6. How much does it cost to sign up?
7. What types document formats are accepted?
8. What does DVLA stand for?
9. What is DVLA driving licence?
10. How do I apply for Private Hire License?
11. How do I apply for DVLA License?
12. How do I renew my current DVLA License?
13. What is Private Hire Vehicle License?
14. What is V5C logbook?
15. How does the ride dispatch system work?
16. What’s the ride cancellation policy?
17. How often do I need to take a break?
18. How is the driving time calculated?
19. How and when are Eder drivers being paid?
20. What is the cost for driving for Eder?