1. How do I book a ride with Eder?
2. How do I set a pick-up address?
3. How do I set a drop-off address?
4. How do I save my favourites?
5. How do I use my gift card?
6. How do I track my cab?
7. How do I pay for my ride?
8. How do I rate my trip?
9. What is operating distance?
10. What choices of rides are available?
11. What is a tariff card?
12. How do I check the rate for a cab category?
13. How do I check the total fare for my ride?
14. How do you calculate my fare?
15. What is peak pricing?
16. How does the cancellation fee work?
17. What is Eder Club?
18. How do I notify you about a safety concern?
19. What are Eder’s safety standards?
20. How do I dispute a cancellation fee?
21. How do I create an Eder account?
22. How do I reset my password?
23. How do I change my password?